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Vineyard Community Church

Production Team Training


Come play with us!

Welcome to the Production Team!

Vineyard Vision: Serving on Lights

Watch this brief video to learn about the vision for serving in this role.


Benchmark Goals

By the end of this Lights Development Track, you should be confident with the following skills:

  • Turning on the service lights 

  • Mastering the commands on the light board

  • Syncing light cues with the service flow

  • Executing light effects with worship songs

  • Communicating with the crows nest for service transitions

Starting Your Serve

Steps for serving on lights.

1) When you arrive for your serve, turn on the cloud lights at the stage.

2) Power up the light board and begin opening a lighting template.

3) Go through the lighting template carefully to check for the correct service flow.  

4) Coordinate with your team leader to find out if there are any changes for the service.

5) Oversee the light board during service.

6) Power down the lights.

Opening and Closing Lights Procedures

Watch this brief video to learn how to begin and end your serve on lights.

Please review and print the following documents to have during your serve.

Light Tech Roadmap

See the PDF Layout with Light Tech Tips

The Service Formula for Lights

See the PDF that goes over the light service cues.

Tap Into Your Creativity: Light Effects

See Some Quick Tips for Light Effects

Your Next Step Before You Serve

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