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Vineyard Community Church

Production Team Training


Come play with us!

Welcome to the Production Team!

Vineyard Vision: Serving on Graphics

Watch this brief video to learn about the vision for serving in this role with ProPResenter.


Benchmark Goals

By the time you finish the Graphics development track, you should feel confident with the following skills:

  • Modifying and creating slides using the editor

  • Demonstrating knowledge of running videos and graphics

  • Manipulating video controls within the graphics program

  • Utilizing the library feature to create playlists

  • Understanding the usage of "clear all" slides

  • Demonstrating knowledge of music timing and pacing for syncing lyrics with the worship team

Starting Your Serve

For excellence, follow these tips for starting your serve.

  • Arrive at your appointed time before service (or even a little early) to help with pre-service setup.

  • Check in with your team leader.

  • Ask if there are any new graphics, videos, or service flows.

  • Familiarize yourself with the layout in planning center.

  • See if there are any new songs that need to be coordinated with the Worship Team.

  • Run through the lyrics, videos, and graphics to make sure the transitions are all solid.

  • Coordinate with the switcher leader for any specific transitions.

Crow's Nest Opening and Closing Tips



ProPresenter: Tech Roadmap

Learn about the technical aspects of using ProPresenter

Graphics Serving Tips

  • Keep one step ahead of the worship team with lyrics transitions.  Make sure that you are thinking 2 seconds ahead with your timing.

  • Pay attention to the worship team to monitor their flow and leading by the Holy Spirit.  For example, sometimes, they may repeat a line or bridge if they feel that it's important.

  • Test any videos for sound or play issues.

  • During the status update and bumper, be ready to transition between videos quickly.

  • Watch the pastor during the sermon for any teaching TV issues.  Don't let your focus go to other things during that time.

  • Make sure you "clear all" between different types of media (i.e., images, videos, lyrics).

Your Next Step Before You Serve

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