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Vineyard Community Church

Production Team Training


Come play with us!

Welcome to the Production Team!

Vineyard Vision: Serving on Camera

Watch this brief video to learn about the vision for serving in this role.


Benchmark Goals

By the time you finish your development track, you should feel confident with the following skills:

  • Manipulating Camera Controls

  • Identifying Camera Frames for Shots

  • Communicating with the Switcher for Service Transitions

Starting Your Serve

Procedures for beginning to serve on camera.

When you start your serve, practice the following:

  • Double check planning center for the service flow/layout

  • Check in with your team leader 

  • Power on the camera (see tech document)

  • Practice different shots and transitions (work with lights)

  • Note any special settings or panning moments

Camera Tech Roadmap

Please review the documents below that cover basic camera vocabulary and the camera layout.

Learn about the Basic Camera Control Functions

Learn more about working the camera by watching these brief videos.

Skip the first minute of this video.

Learning about Camera Framing

*Note: Ideally, when a pastor is speaking, we want this shot with the pastor and the teaching TV.

teaching TV shot.png

Your Next Step Before You Serve

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